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1. Fill your cart quickly.
The serious shoppers come out this time of year—we're talking the digital equivalent of throwing elbows at a sample sale—so if anything catches your eye, put it in your cart immediately! You'll have 10 minutes to decide if you really want it instead of being disappointed at watching something disappear while you deliberate.
2. Don't be blinded by the discount.
To avoid buyer's remorse, ask yourself, "Would I still want this if it were full price?" (the key word being "want," not "afford"). If the answer is yes, you've found yourself a bargain.
3. Always filter by size.
You can avoid spending unnecessary time digging through stuff that won't fit you if you immediately set the size filters to suit you.
4. Take advantage of the wait list.
Between returns and restocking, there's a decent chance the item you want could be yours even if it's sold out now.