Jennifer Aniston's Latest Outfit Left Us Totally Shocked

Jennifer Aniston surprised us all last night by forgoing her usual all-neutral style for a floral dress by Christian Dior.

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Digital Writer

Thanks to her consistently black, white and beige track record on the red carpet, Jennifer Aniston has always been the first celebrity I associate with pared-down, minimalist style. Once in awhile, perhaps, she'll abandon her neutrals-only policy for one bold hue (such as the tomato red ball gown she wore to the Oscars earlier this year), but those moments are rare—and hardly ever involve prints. Jen doesn't really do prints.

But maybe she should more often? The actress wore a—gasp!—colorful floral mini to the London premiere of her new movie We're With The Millers last night and looked pretty amazing, if not like her usual understated self. This is probably the most pattern I've ever seen the star wear on a major red carpet (unless you count metallic beading, which I don't), and I'm into it. So into it, in fact, that I've spent all morning shopping online for a similar dress. If you'd like one, too, start your search with my six picks above. Because not everyone has a formal-event-filled social calendar, I've included both fancy and casual options, so you'll be able to work the look into your wardrobe no matter what. Even if it's mostly filled with black, white and beige.


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