Rumor Has It: John Galliano To Work At Oscar de la Renta?

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Well, it seems we've come full circle. In the months leading up to our last fashion week in New York, John Galliano caused a lot of speculation by visiting Oscar de la Renta's Manhattan-based studio. At the time, everyone was wondering if that meant he had a full-time gig lined up with the storied brand—until Parsons announced he was teaching a class. And then, not teaching a class. That was followed by some major magazine and television interviews, and an announcement that he was creating costumes for Stephan Fry. Now, merely a month before the Spring/Summer 2014 collections debut, he's right back in Mr. de la Renta's office. This time, though, it sounds like it'll lead to a more permanent position.

Sources have confirmed to WWD that, indeed, Galliano is in talks for a full-time post at the label, although neither camp has issued a statement on the matter yet. But if this news is true, we can expect nothing short of an electrifying NYFW come September—and one hell of a ODRL show! Last time Galliano gave input at the company, for the Fall/Winter 2013 runway presentation, the results were stunning; a deft mix of Oscar's signature uptown lady look and the major drama that John's most known for (check it out in full here). We truly can't wait to see what the duo comes up with next. (And neither can our closets.)

WWD/Steve Eichner


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