Juno Temple On Playing a Stripper: "Wherever I Sat, I'd Leave a Pool of Glitter!"

Special Projects Director

"It's important to have a rebel streak," says actress Juno Temple, who plays a stripper/prostitute who shakes a married couple's relationship to its core (though not in the way you might predict) in the new indie film Afternon Delight (in select theaters and On Demand now). Sex for McKenna isn't just a transaction, though she's certainly paid well for it. "That's the way she feels she can give," says Temple. "Sex is like a gift for her."

For viewers—especially those seeking an antidote to summer mega-movies—this film itself feels like a gift. The New York TImes praised it as being "meticulously acted" and, indeed, the story's female characters are complicated, multi-faceted individuals who are both cringe-worthy and commendable. Honestly, Kathy Hahn's performance as a disaffected Silver Lake wife who goes off the rails is award-worthy.

Temple's McKenna, though, gets to have the most fun by far. She's an open-hearted firecracker with a fashion sense to match. "She's Super Barbie," says Temple. "She's very pink, kind of like a popsicle. And we decided to use a lot of glitter. My whole body was covered in it—my eyelids and eyelashes were full of it. Wherever I sat, I'd leave a pool of glitter." Certain scenes, however, were perhaps a little less fun. "There were definitely moments where I'd put on outfit that I would be dancing in at a strip club where I felt very vulnerable," she continues. "But it's like, well, I don't know when I will be doing this again!"

With roles coming up in Maleficent (with Angelina Jolie) and Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Jessica Alba), you'll be seeing a lot more of Temple on the big screen soon. In the meantime, maybe you'll catch her in our pages wearing her latest purchase. "I just got a pair of mustard yellow, huge Prada platforms for my birthday," she says enthusiastically. "And  a great pair of jeans from my boyfriend— these vintage 1976 jeans that are pretty fantastic. I'm a huge fashion fan."


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