We Can't Stop Talking About Lindsay Lohan's Orange Oprah Dress

Lindsay's dress was the perfect shade of tangerine: sunny, zippy and energetic, just the shot of adrenaline our wardrobe needs. Click through to shop her look.

 Digital Fashion Writer

Everyone's talking about Lindsay Lohan's one-on-one Oprah interview that aired last night. She said a lot of things, like that she's "done cocaine ten to fifteen times" and that she actually "kind of wanted to go to to jail." But on the lighthearted side, they're also talking about her dress, a simple, short-sleeve tangerine number.

The snugness was typical, but the color was not: we've seen Lindsay wear a lot of white dresses and pastels when appearing in court, perhaps to craft a sweet, innocent appearance, and beyond that, navys and blacks tends to be her go-tos. Orange hasn't really been her color of choice ever—it's actually hard to find another picture of her on the interwebs wearing it—so why now, especially for such a highly publicized interview with a lot riding on people's reactions?

Perhaps she was tapping into color psychology, and all those studies showing how different colors affect people's moods. Because despite being the color of prison jumpsuits, orange actually suggests positive things when people wear it, like that they have energy and enthusiasm. So maybe Lindsay was trying to communicate that she's in charge via her color choice, saying "I'm excited to take get my career back on track," rather than wearing white or a pastel and looking sweet and vulnerable, not powerful. Or, maybe she just realized it just really works well with her skin tone and draws out blue eyes like a charm, since it's a complementary color. Whatever the reasoning, one thing's for sure: Lindsay looked great throughout the whole interview, even when she was saying some pretty hard to hear things. Click through above to shop her look, then watch more of the interview here.


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