Lucky Gets A Brand New Look!

Executive Digital Editor

Some of our favorite, go-to, guaranteed-to-feel-good outfits are still a work in progress. You buy something new, like, say, the perfect, goes-with-everything fall floral dress, and throw it on one day with a pair of flats and your favorite vintage bag. A few hours in, you think, "Wait! I should have worn my Rag & Bone booties and my Commes des Garcons pouch." The next time you wear it, you remember—and throw on a cropped black blazer and a pile of gold bracelets for good measure and realize you've finally got it: the perfect look.

Well, welcome to! For the last few months our editors, designers, and tech teams have been working inspiringly hard to give our site the refreshing new look we're so excited to share with you today. All of our amazing content—our guides, our must-haves, shopping features, interviews, outfit inspiration and, of course, deals—is right where you want it, but crisper and cleaner, with bigger pictures, super speedy slideshows, and all the fun, I-want-it-right-now functionality you'd expect from a place as shopping-obsessed as Lucky.

But like some of our favorite outfits, our site is a work in progress—and we're about to start accessorizing. Over the next few months, you'll see us roll out a whole host of new features, all dedicated to making you shop smart, look your best, and give you the latest style news from inside Lucky and around the world.

If you see something that looks a little off—maybe a page that isn't quite as of-the-moment as the others—don't worry, we're on it! But, as always, feel free to email us at We value your styling advice as much as we hope you value ours.

So, kick your heels off, get comfy and start clicking! We can't wait to hear what you think.


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