Kate, William, George and Lupo: Check Out The New Royal Family Portrait!

Digital Writer

While it's really thrilling to catch another glimpse of royal baby George Alexander in the just released photo below, we're more preoccupied with how amazing his mother, Kate Middleton, looks. Her skin is glowy, her hair is glossy and, most importantly, her huge smile is truly genuine. Motherhood really suits her. (As does that shade of wineberry—everyone with K-Mid's coloring needs to order something in the same hue, STAT!)

Maternal bliss aside, another reason the Duchess looks so relaxed and happy in this idyllic family portrait is because the picture was taken not by a team of professionals but by her father, Michael Middleton, on her family's estate in Bucklebury, West Berkshire. She and her new son, husband and Lupo (that adorable black cocker spaniel to the left), have been spending a lot of time there recently to for some post-birth R&R before moving home. We have a feeling they'll stick around at least through the end of summer. With scenery like that, wouldn't you?

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