News Flash: Carine Roitfeld Styled a Home Depot Jumpsuit

Carine Roitfeld styled a $9.50 Home Depot jumpsuit, and it looks awesome, naturally. [CR Fashion Book]

Last year Kelly Clarkson bought a $225,000 ring once owned by Jane Austen, and now the British authorities are banning her from taking it out of the country. Buzzkill. [Daily Mail]

Why fashion brands are focusing on how their stores smell, not just how they look. [Business of Fashion]

Gisele took her eight-month-old daughter to get her ear pierced recently, begging the question: how young is too young for pierced ears? [Huff Po Canada]

Perfect outfits for this weekend's Lollapalooza, if you're going. [Refinery 29]

Photo via CR Fashion Book


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