News Flash: Pinterest Joins The Fashion Week Game


The latest installment of Rag & Bone's ongoing DIY campaign features models without any makeup. Yup, they still look amazing. [Rag & Bone]

In anticipation of fashion week, Pinterest launched a hub dedicated to the event. [WWD]

Say what you want about Abercrombie & Fitch's questionable hiring policies and lewd T-shirt slogans—but don't say the brand doesn't care about sick people! Over the last few years, the company has donated more than $10 million to Ohio State's medical center, mainly toward oncology and bowel/digestive disease research. Now, as a thank you, the university proposes to name its newest emergency room after the mall brand. "I'm going to Abercrombie & Fitch," will never mean the same thing again. [Jezebel]

Rounding out a 8,100 mile cross-country tour promoting its collaboration with Phillip Lim, Target stages a photoshoot by the Brooklyn Bridge with a bunch of puppies. Our (already huge) enthusiasm for this collection just doubled. [Racked]

Cute bags to carry your bike helmets after you've parked your ride. (Because you do wear a helmet, right? Riiight?) [Fashionista]

Kate Moss has a secret Instagram with only 25 followers. Oh, what we would give to be number 26… [Marie Claire]


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