News Flash: Kate Middleton Photos Cause Controversy at Kensington Palace


The powers that be at Kensington Palace are not pleased about the recently-released images of Kate Middleton grocery shopping this week. A ban on paparazzi pictures of the Duchess might be in the works, meaning that unfortunately, there'll be fewer royal off-duty outfits for us to analyze. [The Daily Beast]

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A look back at the start of several supermodels' careers, including early photographs of Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington (who, miraculously, looked exactly the same in her early 20s as she does now.) Prepare to be both enchanted and jealous. [Into the Gloss]

Plastic surgery has become so common in Korea that citizens consider it a routine coming-of-age procedure, in the same vein as wisdom teeth removal and braces. [Fashionista]

Legendary model and Richard Avedon muse China Machado talks about her prolific career and booking campaigns in the ninth decade of her life. [The Cut]

If you're going to try the grunge trend next season, please do it like this. [Le Catch]

Cross jewelry is having a moment—don't miss it. [CR Fashion Book]


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