News Flash: Marc Jacobs Beauty Is Getting Its Own Store

Marc Jacobs might've only just launched his beauty line, but those cosmetics will soon be getting their own standalone store, too. [Racked]

Former Victoria's Secret model Kylie Bisutti is now co-owner of a religious fashion line called God-Inspired Fashion. It's a pretty direct name. [Daily News]

Here's what a "hair restoration helmet" looks like, in case you were looking for something to wear while using Biore pore strips and giving yourself a manicure.  [NY Mag]

That Chanel hula hoop bag seems like it'd be pretty hard to pull off, but of course Chloë Moretz can do it with aplomb. [NYLON]

Are nose rings becoming a "thing" again? [Into the Gloss]

Photo via Racked



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