Rihanna Wants Every Piece In Her New River Island Collection

Digital Writer

Whereas some women build their perfect wardrobe piece by piece over time, Rihanna went ahead and created it in one go with her Fall/Winter collection for River Island. "I literally designed everything I want to wear—exactly how I want to wear it," she explains in the video below, filmed from a behind-the-scenes POV during the line's campaign shoot.

Of course, the things Rihanna—she of bra tops and denim thongs—wants to wear only suit a particular breed of women. So if camouflage, mesh and hiking boot stilettos aren't your thing, it's best to stop reading now. Otherwise, click through the slideshow above to see every piece from the latest Rihanna x River Island collaboration, along with its accompanying lookbook. Since the first delivery doesn't hit stores until September 12 (the second is in November), you've got at least a little time to muster enough bravery to try some of the bolder pieces (cough, cough, varsity stripe lumberjack pajamas, cough, cough) in public. We suggest putting Diamonds on repeat while you get ready!


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