WATCH: Gisele Bundchen Sings For a Good Cause

Digital Writer

You guys, Cara Delevingne isn't the only model out there with some major musical talent—it seems that Gisele Bundchen also has an impressive set of pipes! A recently-released behind-the-scenes video from H&M reveals that the supe's been putting her vocal abilities to good use for the Swedish brand, with a rendition of All Day And All Of The Night by The Kinks. What's more, proceeds from all iTunes sales of the track will go towards UNICEF's children's vaccination program.

Still, as you'll see in the clip, there are many reasons to download Gisele's cover beyond that charitable cause. Her raspy-sexy singing voice is surprisingly souful, and we hope to hear much more of it in the future (also, for her and all those other musically-inclined models to start a band, because wouldn't that be amazing?!). Check it out below.


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