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The air was filled with an especially festive energy at Elie Tahari's presentation last Tuesday night, as the designer was celebrating both his finished Spring/Summer 2014 collection and the 40th anniversary of his namesake brand. In the thick of it all was the man of the hour (and perhaps also the season—September 4 was named "Elie Tahari Day" in New York), warmly greeting guests as they stopped to congratulate him.

In between his steady stream of handshakes and hugs, I leaned in and asked Mr.Tahari if the women he designs for have changed over the last four decades. He laughed, and asked how long I had to talk. "I've got a lot to tell you! It was 'natural' for decades—you know, the hippies—then we had the disco, [and then] the Japanese raw edge. Now we are in a high-tech modern world. There's the natural and high-tech mixed together with the raw edge."

Yet despite all the trends he's seen come and go, Elie also knows that a good silhouette is always in style. That's why he decided to create the Edition 1974 line, a 20-piece capsule collection of his greatest hits, set to release next season. Of course, none of the pieces are exact replicas. Instead, he's updated each one with fresh fabrics (like mesh and leather) and special names based on iconic destinations in New York (including Soho, Gramercy and Madison—as in the avenue, of course).

Because so many people are excited to get their hand on a piece of Elie Tahari history, the brand is giving customers a one-time chance to pre-order six select items from now through September 22. That gives you exactly one week to call dibs on your favorites! Shop the whole trunk show above.

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