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“I found this dress in New York and it’s so Bianca Jagger. It’s ideal for shows because it’s comfortable, and you can see it from the last row at a show. I’ve worn it 80% of this tour.”
 “I bought this suitcase because it’s small. I pack everyday clothes in here along with my electronics that I store in the front pocket, it’s perfect.”
“This reversible cape-slash-shawl is my emergency backup everything because I can wear it anywhere from on-stage to the airport.”
“Holly Williams is a great musician and happens to own this great store. If I come at the right time, they will have everything I need and I won’t have to shop anywhere else.”
”I use this bronzer before shows; however, I don’t over do it. I have a scar on my leg and I know if I can’t see it, then I have too much on.”
”I’m not a pants girls, but I really like the '70s feel of these jeans. The high-waist makes me feel like I’m sucked in at all the right places.”
“While spending time in Monaco my man was wearing a gorgeous Tom Ford suit. I knew right then that I had to have this bag. It was the most impulsive purchase I’ve ever made.”
 “They have such unique pieces—I can spend hours in there browsing the racks. They know me now so I can hang out and feel comfortable there.”
“I only bought two of these while in Paris and I’ve slowly burned them throughout the summer. I just love the scent because it reminds me of being there.”  
“I found a red Valentino jumpsuit on super sale at the Chicago Neiman Marcus. It was 75% off and fit like a glove!”
“This is my go-to beauty product, it smells like heaven. I use it for my hair, face and body. It’s not even a perfume but it’s the only scent I wear.”
 “There are certain things I save and archive but there are other items that I can part with when a tour is over. Stores like this one are a great way to continue the circle of shopping. I always stop by when I’m in LA.”