News Flash: Alexa Chung Cares About Your Gym Clothes


Alexa Chung's upcoming book, It, will cover a smattering of topics, from what to listen to during a breakup to what to wear to the gym. (Alexa Chung doesn't really seem like the peppy, bouncing-on-the-elliptical-machine type, does she?) [Vogue UK]

With everyone so focused on the celebrity fashion in the front row at this week's shows, it'd be easy to let the outfits from the Toronto Film Festival slip under the radar. But don't! There are some good ones, like Dakota Fanning's crop top ensemble. [Grazia]

Mulberry's exploring another element of their British-ness with a new set of branded teacups. So if you can't afford one of their satchels, at least you can have a cup of Earl Grey brewing in a Mulberry-logoed cup to make you feel fancy. [Telegraph]

Don't call them the Kardashians: the Roitfeld family says they never plans to work together. [The Cut]

See the best tweets from New York Fashion Week, including one from our very own John Jannuzzi. [Fashionologie]

Photo via Fairchild Archive


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