News Flash: Claudia Schiffer Is Launching Eyewear


Claudia Schiffer is launching an eyewear collection. [Telegraph]

15 Pinterest boards to follow, if you're into all things beauty. [Byrdie]

Our cover girl Eva Mendes may love a fancy red carpet dress, but she also shops at Goodwill. Really. [The Edit]

Is this the craziest fashion show from Paris Fashion Week? [Daily Beast]

See the summer travel diaries of five of our favorite Victoria's Secret Angels. [Vogue]

If the rumors are true, Marc Jacobs is on the verge of leaving his post at Louis Vutiton. [Business of Fashion]

Shades of Grey by Micah Cohen just launched e-commerce, and they make some of the best fall jackets. []

Rihanna won her lawsuit against Topshop. To celebrate, she's going shopping at Zara. (Just kidding.) [The Cut]

Can you believe that GOOP is five? Celebrate with a look back at Gwyneth's best content yet. (So many detox stories.) [GOOP]

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