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"I love prints in spring as much as anyone, but there was something refreshing about The Row's monochromatic mixed textures. I'd wear a sweater year round if I could, and the delicate, almost laser-cut knits topping silk midi-length and minimalist dresses look just about perfect to me." - Verena Von Pfetten, executive digital editor
Our executive fashion director Alexis Bryan Morgan loves these sporty looks she shot during the Tommy Hilfiger show.
"There was a blogger at the Tommy Hilfiger show that wouldn't get off the runway. Even as they called for everybody to take their seats, she couldn't stop taking photos. Then a security guard bear hugged her and escorted her back to her place. Keep that runway clear." - John Jannuzzi, senior digital projects editor
"Backstage flare: the braided lady is a makeup artist at Karen Walker backstage, and the man is a hair stylist at Thom Brown." - Megan O'Neill, associate beauty editor
"Right before the Phillip Lim started, I saw this little girl sitting between her parents in the front row and thought, 'Aw, how lucky is that kid to have a front row ticket at Lim?!'—and then I realized it wasn't a kid. It was Miroslava Duma seated between an older man and women, both much taller than her. Despite her small stature, though, it was easy enough to find the street style star after the show; she was tailed for several blocks by an army of photographers. And, well, me, because I just had to get one shot!" - Alison Syrett Cleary, digital writer
Inside the goodie bag our fashion director Anne Keane snagged at the Karen Walker show.
"Hairstylist Odile Gilbert is the master of 'tricks and treats' (her words!), meaning she has really innovative methods for making hair do cool things. Theyskens' Theory was the second show this week (Thakoon was the first) where she tied an elastic around the neck and hair at the nape to give the hair shape. The elastic on each model was cut right before showtime." - Sarah Ferguson, production assistant
"I'd like to call Olivia Palermo out for 'season-pushing,' since I saw her wearing a thick turtleneck dress around Lincoln Center today. It's definitely a T-shirt-no-jacket kind of day here—72 degrees and super-sunny—so as cool as the dress is (very cool, right?), it still felt ever-so-slightly out of place. Kinda planned-in-advance calculated, which is different than the glamorous-yet-nonchalant vibe Olivia's best outfits have." - Natalie Matthews, digital fashion writer
"Rosie Assoulin's presentation this afternoon reminded me once again why I named her one of NYFW's ones to watch. The collection was packed with couture-grade draping, sweeping silhouettes and the most beautiful multicolored jewelry and tiny bags (courtesy of Roxane Assoulin, Rosie's mother-in-law). And after several seasons of being bombarded with prints on prints, it was pretty refreshing to see a collection that contained none at all!" - Elana Fishman, senior digital editor
"I have three words for Zero + Maria Cornejo: Harry Potter glasses!" - Verena Von Pfetten, executive digital editor
"I was just thinking about how amazingly strong, toned and healthy Karlie Kloss was looking this season when I think I stumbled upon one of her secrets! I spotted her leaving SoulCycle in the West Village right as I was walking in! " - Maura Lynch, senior beauty editor