How to Ebay Your Way To A Phillip Lim x Target Bag

Original Target Price: $44.99

Current Availability: Sold out both in stores and online.

eBay Outlook: This one's relatively rare; there were only 27 results when we searched for it on eBay (versus 91 for the brown satchel), so the going prices are a bit higher. Currently, the lowest we were able to find was about $65 total (including shipping).


Digital Fashion Writer

Phillip Lim x Target has lept off the shelves since it landed in stores and online on Sunday. Now the stock of clothes is spotty, predictably—the leopard skirt's still available in most sizes, while the cartoon sweatshirt's totally gone. But the bags? They're evenly decimated—at least online, where they're sold out entirely.

Naturally, savvy shoppers are taking to eBay to pick up their Phillip Lim x Target purses, which usually makes for a pretty good Plan B. But here's the fine print: some of those bags are still available in stores, so there's really no reason to cough up a lot of cash for them just because you see they're all sold out online. (Unless, you know, you can't get to a Target store.) Plus, some of the colors and styles floating around on eBay are way easier to come by than others, so they shouldn't merit price tags as steep as the rare ones. Above, click through for the full download on the bags: what to search for in stores, what to buy on eBay and how much you should expect to pay in the process.


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