Seven Style and Beauty Secrets We Learned This Week


1. Owning tons of clothes, shoes and bags and having a perfect wardrobe are not the same thing.

2. Lucky senior fashion writer Jayna Maleri wears clogs every single day but saves her favorites—bow-topped slides by Rachel Comey—for special occasions.

3. Don't visit these seven new e-commerce sites unless you've got cash to burn.

4. Bagels with cream cheese, sudoku puzzles, sugar and TV are daily musts for actress Amanda Seyfried.

5. The secret to dressing like an London It-Girl includes punchy outerwear, pajamas worn with heels and lace cocktail dresses.

6. With the right layering tricks, it's easy to wear summer stuff straight through Halloween.

7. These lightweight jackets are the best thing ever on 65 degree days.


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