Seven Style and Beauty Secrets We Learned This Week


 Kuba Dabrowski for WWD

1. With a few good styling tricks on hand, you can grow out bangs without looking totally awkward (most of the time).

2. Not all completely black outfits are made up of basics—in fact, some of the best ones aren't!

3. Fashion month-ers tend to save their best outfits for Paris Fashion Week.

4. Sure, plaid goes with grunge like soup does with crackers, but you can wear the pattern in a more polished way, too.

5. Fall's a fun time to attend weddings because fancy coats are involved.

6. Although clogs and mules might both have open backs and slide right on, the two shoe styles are actually quite different.

7. The best new beauty products out this autumn include sparkly blue eyeshadow, a soothing cucumber mask and smudgy kohl eyeliner destined for the purse of a rockstar's girlfriend.


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