ShoeMint x Sea of Shoes: The Perfect Fall Bootie

Digital Writer

"I need those shoes," is usually one of the first thoughts to cross my mind when I stop by Jane Aldridge's personal style blog, Sea of Shoes. I'll begin to open each post in its own separate tab, and next to those, more tabs filled with product feeds and fancy European e-commerce sites, for toggling between shopping and reading. Next thing I know, hours have passed, I've gotten zero work done and my bank account is several hundred dollars lighter. Visiting Jane's blog can be a dangerous thing.

Fortunately for me and my lack of self-control, though, the red-haired Texan just co-created an pair of booties with ShoeMint designers Rachel Bilson and Nicole Chavez that won't totally drain my savings account. Exclusively available on the website as of today, the style looks like it was pulled straight from the blogger's extensive—and expensive—footwear collection, but it only costs $109.98. For that price I might even get both colors (it comes in both black/camel and black/white)—because, um, the two pairs would still cost way less than the Ann Demeulemeester lace-up sandal boots Jane inspired me to buy in 2010 did. So it's like saving money, right?!

Click through the slideshow above to shop the Jane bootie now.


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