Alexander Wang: 'It's Important To Never Feel Jaded In This Business'

Digital Fashion News Writer


This week, WWD held its annual CEO Summit featuring the movers and shakers ("The Transformers," in their own words) of the fashion industry. Of course, Alexander Wang—creative director extraordinare (of both his namesake collection and Balenciaga) and preferred outfitter of downtown darlings everywhere—nabbed a lengthy Q&A with WWD’s executive editor Bridget Foley, and it's worth the full read-through.

One of the interview's most groundbreaking answers came in response to Wang being questioned about his idols in the business—Ralph Lauren, in addition to Margiela and Alaïa.

"To even achieve a fraction of [Ralph Lauren's] success would be incredible. Again, the process has always been very organic. I never thought eight years ago in 2007 starting my first collection and selling, I remember the first time it shipped. I was going to every store and looking at the racks and just staring at the clothes in the store because I was so amazed that something we created was actually being sold. I think it’s important to never feel jaded in this business because it’s something I got into because of the excitement, the passion, and I hope that always stays there and to always be on to the next one and want to work harder and find the next challenge."

Though the Wang brand has been on catwalks and in department stores for just under a decade, it has experienced a remarkable amount of business growth and amassed an increasingly loyal customer following over that short span of time. Remember, it did take Lauren more than 15 years to fully build up his lifestyle empire. If Wang's career continues expanding at its current pace, we don't see any reason why his next five years aren't going to be simply enormous.


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