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Do you recognize these three stars incognito? Click through to see who they are—and to check out six other inspiring celebrity costumes—now.
Paris Hilton
as Miley Cyrus
While this outfit is instantly recognizable, it's also inaccurate: Miley wore the foam finger with nude latex. Duh.
Nicole Richie
as Danny DeVito in Twins
Such a great costume idea for couples!
Naya Rivera
as Carmen Sandiego
As we recall, the orginal Carmen Sandiego wore pants, no?
Kelly Osbourne
as Christina Hendricks
Is she ever gets sick of the lavender hair, Kelly could totally pull off red full-time.
Joan Smalls
as a monster
This costume could also be Nicki Minaj circa 2011.
Harley Viera-Newton
as a hotdog
She wished everyone a "Happy Halloweiner" on her Instagram page.
Anna Dello Russo
as Anna Dello Russo?
She's worn crazier things to fashion week.
Alexa Chung
as the Hamburglar
Only Alexa could make a hamburger suit look glamorous.
Alessandra Ambrosio
as the Queen of Hearts
Or the Queen of Hearts' much sexier cousin?