Emily Weiss Of Into The Gloss Shares Her Top Beauty And Fashion Tips For Fall


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You already know that Emily Weiss one of our favorite street style stars and her cool, flippy bob just makes us want to chop our own hair off. And we're pretty obsessed with her beauty site, Into the Gloss, for its super-approachable voice and insider-y look into beauty and fashion and habit of extolling the virtue of '90s-era boybands. So we were obviously excited to have Emily speak as part of FABB's Founder's Series to talk about how she made it in the biz. We caught up with her after her packed session to pick her brain for her expert (and totally not run-of-the-mill) opinion on some fall trends.

Lucky: What is your favorite fall beauty trend?

Emily Weiss: I really am into tucking your hair into your coat or your scarf. I think it's nice if you have long hair because it's like a little bit of...suspended disbelief.

What do you think is a seemingly-intimidating fall beauty trend that's actually really easy to try?

I think dark lipstick seems very intimidating to people, but I think if you find the right shade and you wear it with confidence—like a very, very dark, almost goth red—deep red can be really really pretty if you leave the rest of your face bare.

And what's the best way to apply it?

Just from the tube. Don't worry about it.

You also have really amazing personal style. What are some of the top pieces you've bought for the season?

I bought a sweater coat from Alexander Wang that I really love and honestly, I just recycle. I wear Rag & Bone skinnies in black. I think once you find a pair of pants that you like, you should buy them and just wear the same jeans.

How many pairs do you have?

I have four or five, I think, of the same Rag & Bone pants and I think it makes things easier because you knock one thing out and you build the rest around it.

What is your best tip for not necessarily matching, but coordinating your makeup with your outfit?

I usually start with the outfit and then I figure out the makeup. And I think one thing in winter that's really nice is you can drown in a sea of black clothes—in winter, people start to layer—and coats are generally dark colors and sweaters are not very bright. So one thing that's nice is to apply a really bright lip and that way you can stand out a little bit from all your sweater layering.

What's a new beauty product that we really need to know about?

One thing that just came out that I'm really excited about is Byredo's fragrance collaboration with Inez and Vinoodh, the fashion photographers, called 1996. They just launched it at Barneys, but I've been wearing it for a year because they made a few of them last year. I get so many compliments on it. But it's really a beautiful fragrance. I feel like it might already be sold out. [Editor's Note: Nope. Still available!]


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