Spruce Up Your Space With These Vintage-Inspired Home Décor Finds From Etsy

We're only worried that we can't keep enough full bottles of wine around to fill this!

Digital Production Assistant

As a girl who grew up in the South, I have fond childhood memories of homemade mac and cheese, nights filled chasing fireflies—and rustic home décor. My grandparents had a cabin in a tiny nothing of a town in North Carolina, where the shelves were filled with vases stuffed with vintage matchbooks, black and white photographs in mismatched frames and clowns (yes, my grandmother had a love for clowns, and to this day I'm still creeped out by them). My grandparents, who I never saw drink, had a beautiful bar with saloon-style swinging doors on one floor and a wrap-around second floor deck scattered with hammocks, benches and more flowers than you could imagine. Everything about that cabin was comfortable, from the floral cotton sheets to the honeysuckle that hung heavy in the air. So this week, I took a stroll down memory lane and tracked down some of my favorite country cottage items on Etsy. They're sure to put a smile on your face!


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