Five Lessons We Learned From Eva Chen At Lucky FABB


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It's heeeere! Lucky FABB kicked off this morning with a bang, as an auditorium full of 300 very excited fashion, beauty, and lifestyle bloggers anxiously awaited the opening Q&A session with Lucky's editor-in-chief Eva Chen. In fact, the attendees were cheering and clapping so enthusiastically that Eva had to make her stage entrance a few minutes early—with her venti latte still in hand. During the very informative sesh, moderated by Lucky alum Lauren Sherman (hi, Lauren!), we gleaned five very interesting takeaways from the awesome Eva:

  1. Eva's outfit of choice was a very Lucky, totally perfect high-low-vintage (and borrowed from the boys) ensemble. Of course. "The sweater is from DKNY and it's actually my mom's. I think it's from 1990 and I stole it from her closet. It's very Clueless, 1990s, Alicia Silverstone, Cher Horowitz [cue the cheers and applause from the audience]...and then I'm wearing a Marc Jacobs dress. He's one of my favorite designers of all time. I'm wearing socks I stole from my husband—sorry, Tom!—and a pair of Topshop, loafer-y schoolgirl shoes." Eva admitted to being stressed out about what to wear because she would be "in front of all you guys." See, even EICs can suffer from wardrobe panic. Oh, and she did her own nails 15 minutes before hitting the stage.
  2. Photobombing Kate Upton is both a glorious and frightening experience. Apparently, at the model, designer and celeb-filled Fashion Group International Night of Stars the other evening, Eva had the privilege of walking the red carpet just behind model Kate Upton. As the good-humored editor-in-chief put it, “walking in behind Kate Upton is both a terrible and a glorious thing. It was glorious because she was wearing this crazy bandage dress thing and her every curve was like 3D in my face. But it was terrible because I was blinded by flashbulbs. So if you look at pictures of her arriving at this event—literally in every picture—there’s like sexy Kate Upton and me like [makes a surprised, blinded-by-flashbulbs gesture].” More laughter from the audience. And we need to find that pic...
  3. Apparently, social media star Eva Chen was initially reluctant to embrace Twitter! Apparently, she was "dragged kicking and screaming" to the platform because she simply didn't have time. But before long, she realized it was the perfect medium to share all her amazing and "surreal" experiences (and all the cool products and fashion she comes across) that she otherwise might not be able to do through the magazine. She went on to explain that Instagram is also an "addiction" and a "great connector" to reach not only her readers and the general public that's totally inspired by her—but also her mom, who's a fellow Insta user. So there you go: social media is crucial, especially for bloggers looking to reach their own audiences. Oh, and for daughters who want to keep their moms in the loop.
  4. Social media helped Eva find "the one that got away"—SHOES, people, shoes. Hers are "a pair of Chanel boots with buttons up the side and two cut-outs and a strap on the ankle. Basically, those shoes are my obession." But like we've all experienced at least once, she missed her chance to buy them in Paris years ago. "I did a worldwide hunt for them and I couldn't find them. And recently, Leandra [Medine], Man Repeller— who you guys will hear from tomorrow—she sent me a link, and she was like, 'I found your boots for you, you're welcome.' And that's the power of social media and the power of connectivity. Because I tweeted about those stupid boots for so long." Valuable lesson learned.
  5. Final takeaway: be nice and be real—no matter where you are in your career (even if it's not in fashion). "Knowing who you are, your values and your voice are the most important things." If you're still working your way along your career path, she advises, "don't be afraid or don't be scared or don't be nervous if you're not fully there yet...and enjoy the journey." She adds, "Always be yourself and always be nice because—really—what goes around comes around. It's very, very true."

So there you go: social media can solve life's big problems, photobombing Kate Upton can be thrilling and terrifying all at once, and be nice to everyone. Be nice.


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