Eva Mendes Gave Us An Impromptu Headscarf-Tying Tutorial at Lucky FABB


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We already know that October cover girl Eva Mendes is a super cool. She loves to bargain shop, and she’s sharing her own personal style with us through a cute and affordable collection with New York & Co. But we’re totally in love with the actress/designer now, after her down-to-earth and hilarious chat with editor-in-chief Eva Chen (seriously, can those two maybe start their own talk show or something? Eva & Eva, maybe?) during FABB. Oh, and she gave us an impromptu live tutorial on how to tie her signature headscarf, too.

Here's how it went down: Eva (Chen) asked Eva (Mendes—yeah, this is going to get hard) about her jetsetting travel staples, and the actress' number one essential is a scarf that she can turn into a hair accessory. Of course, a demo was in order—which called for a scarf from the audience. Eva M. then skillfully wrapped the scarf around her head three times to tie the perfect hair wrap (professional updo and on-site hairstylist be damned!), and proceeded to continue with the discussion, all while showing off her new 'do. And yes, the scarf was eventually returned to the excited fan, who will probably never wash it again.

During the lively 30-minute discussion, we learned a lot of other interesting things about Eva. Here are the highlights:

  • Eva Mendes is clearly the best spokesmodel for her New York & Co. collection—she looked '50s Hollywood glam in a sleeveless brown polka-dotted blouse and curve-hugging pencil skirt from the collection, accessorized with her signature thrift shop belt and a pair of peachy pink Rupert Sanderson pumps (she had to take off one shoe to check the label to find out the designer, oops).
  • Her love of vintage inspired her New York & Co. collection. She actually dragged a suitcase of clothes from her own wardrobe over to the design offices for creative inspiration for the line, so you know it's the real deal. She's excited about all the ladylike silhouettes and florals she'll be introducing for next season. Eva C. is super excited about the pink coat in the fall collection that's available now. (Pink coats are a major trend this season, FYI.)
  • Eva's style icons are '50s actresses like Gina Lollobrigida, Daliah Lavi and Dalida.
  • But if she could trade wardrobes with anyone, it would be...wait for it...Vanessa Paradis. "She's just perfection. Come on." Why? Because "she has that incredibly elegant vintage feel that's retro without being costumey, without feeling like she's a character. It feels like it's her. Yet it's just effortlessly—obviously there's effort—but effortlessly chic and beautiful. Hands down, she's the one who does it right, every time. So creative—she's just fearless."
  • She believes that all women wear it best. "The 'Who Wore It Best?' world we live in now is detrimental to women and creativity." Word. "We all wear it best, we all wear it to our own best. Women should support each other and I'll wear it this way, you bring it that way, and it all works."
  • The two websites she looks to for style inspiration: insidery new beauty blog Violet Grey (Eva's profiled there for the holiday edition) and Honey Rider, a Tumblr full of beautiful, inspirational pics of world-famous female icons and ones to discover.
  • And her most awkward style moment—which she takes full responsibility for ("It's my decision at the end, and it's usually my idea!")—happened at the world premiere of her movie Ghost Rider. "It was a beautiful dress, it was just wrong on me. I had this dress and this necklace that just clashed and I had this really super-high, tight ponytail that I braided down... it was fake hair, I don't know. Most of the time, I go too far. I'm not encouraging you to look, but if you look, you'll see." (Sorry, couldn't help it.)
  • Eva credits her Latina background and values for being able to "really accept myself." No matter what weight she's at or what situation she's in, she's comfortable in her own skin.

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