Heidi Klum Officially Wins Halloween As 100-Year-Old Grandma For Her Annual Party

Digital Fashion News Writer

Getty Images

Heidi Klum's annually extravagant Halloween costume took a surprising turn last night when the entertainer stepped out in quite the departure from her traditionally sexy get-ups. In years past, we've seen her rock out as Cleopatra (2012) and turn heads in a creepy dead body suit (2011), but nothing has compared to this year's surprise factor.

Looking totally unrecognizable as a wrinkly, hunchback grandma, Klum revealed this year's costume via Twitter en route to her bash at New York City hotspot, Marquee. The 40-year-old bombshell went so far as to include frighteningly realistic raised vericose veins, dusty hair and wide age spots—with a chic granny wardrobe in which we might expect to see Klum in, say, 2063; well, her costumes are nothing if not shockingly detail-oriented.


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