Our Cover Girl Kate Bosworth Closes Out Day One of FABB With a Total Lovefest


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"I feel very lucky," the super-sweet Kate Bosworth told us before she started her onstage conversation with Eva Chen (her teatime bestie). "I love this magazine. It's the best consumer magazine, in my opinion—finding items that you covet and knowing exactly where to buy them in that moment is a great experience."

Well, thank you—we're blushing! And so began the total out-and-out lovefest that was the perfect way to close out day one of FABB. Our November cover girl was decked out in a drool-worthy cream slouchy leather sweatshirt and metallic, asymmetrical miniskirt from her new Topshop collection—which incidentally launched earlier today—and a pair of sculptural Stella McCartney wedges. Turns out her inspiration for her collab came from her own happy place.

"How do I feel, what's my mood, what do I want to reflect? That's one of the things I love so much about fashion," she explained. "It's an external expression of what's inside you and how we all want to reflect to the world, how we're feeling. It's a similar process for being with the design team. It's the same sort of way that I get dressed in the morning, like how do I want to feel wtih this collection and what sort of emotion do I want to put out in the world and what do I feel like wearing? And I've been really lucky to work with Topshop because they've been really open to my suggestions."

Maybe the happiness also stems from her newlywed glow, too—although we're pretty sure Kate is always this warm and engaging. But Eva did have to ask about Kate's almost two-month-old marriage, and whether it feels weird calling Michael Polish her husband instead of her fiancé or boyfriend now. 

"It's magical," she gushed. "Well, he's been calling me his wife since the day we met, so that wasn't much of a transition. 'Boyfriend' never fit for him. I always felt very strange saying 'boyfriend,' so I feel very at home saying 'husband' now."

Cue the chorus of "awwws" from the audience—and Eva. Kate's partial toward the current crop of young U.S.-based designers, including Proenza Schouler, Alexander Wang, Joseph Altuzarra, and Rodarte, too—but it goes beyond their inventively modern takes on American style.

"They're really supportive of each other in the design world," Kate explained. "I'm sure they're competitive with themselves, like they want to push themselves more and more and create better pieces and better collections themselves, but there's this wonderful supportive, kind rapport that's going on with designers in American fashion and I'm very attracted to that."

Those same feelings of love extend to the staff at Lucky, too—and especially toward Eva Chen herself.

"You have a great crew of people at the magazine," said Kate while describing her cover shoot. "And again, going back to that warm and supportive group, you're so great that way—every time I see you, you're so warm. Oh, I wish everyone I see was like you."

And the editor-in-chief may have blushed, which was clearly the best segue to talk about what Eva loves: shopping. Kate's obsessed with boyfriend silhouettes (like from the guys' collection, not just menswear-inspired) paired with skinny pants or a lean skirt. She loves a good deal at Topshop, of course, and likes to shop online for a "quieter experience." On the flip side, when she physically ventures into stores, she's very decisive and quick in what she refers to as a "targeted strike." (We're stealing that phrase, btw.)

Her most recent splurge? A pastel blue Carven bag that instantly dresses up any outfit, even a basic black-tee-and-jeans look. But she always gravitates toward classic, seasonally-ambiguous pieces. She even asked legendary designer Oscar de la Renta to design her wedding gown with "a sense of drama, but restrained. Kate has nothing but kind words to say for de la Renta. Now, if you're a Kate girl-crusher like we are, you might remember how she almost broke down in tears after seeing her gown for the first time. But she credits the designer for giving her a moment to calm down as the cameras were rolling. "It was extraordinary—I'm glad it was captured now, because it's such an important memory. Oscar, bless him, he could tell we were sitting like this [gestures at someone sitting across from her] and he could tell I was really close to losing it, so he was really sweet and he started talking to give me time to collect myself. He just knew. He's so sensitive and kind and he's a gentleman and he protected me in that moment. He really gave me that time and I'm really grateful for that." Cue another round of "awwws." 

The final audience question was in reference to Kate's distinctive dual-colored eyes—one is hazel and the other blue—and how would she suggest people take a unique feature and make it something they can be proud of?

"That's what should always be celebrated," she said. "It's the differences that really separate those people, and that's the most beautiful thing that they have. It's important to embrace who you are. There's no one else in the world like you, so that's important to realize."


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