Is Kate Moss Switching Careers?

Digital Writer

In the multi-hyphenated world of a model's career, clothing collaborations, book deals and hosting gigs are quick to follow runway success. Even so, she's first and foremost considered a model, and therefore the face of everything she promotes. It is, after all, what made her a star in the first place.

But maybe that's all about to change. WWD announced this morning that Kate Moss, maybe the most bankable model in fashion, just joined British Vogue's team as a contributing fashion editor. With duties that include working with a team of top stylists, choosing her own photographers and directing editorials she doesn't appear in, this job is the real deal, not just a gimmick. It shows that the magazine has so much trust in Kate's taste that it doesn't need to splash her image all over the place to sell issues—her work (debuting this spring) will speak for itself.

Could this mean that Kate is planning to permanently switch over to the behind-the-scenes side of the industry? It's doubtful, I think, seeing as how posing comes so naturally to her. Still, considering the supe's newly-minted fashion editor status was announced a week after news of her next Topshop collection broke, it does seem that she's working hard to branch out within the fashion world lately. Whatever direction she decides to take, though, I'm positive that Moss' stellar sense of personal style will see her through. Just Google "Kate Moss street style" for proof.


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