Attention DIY'ers: You Need Lena Corwin's New Book

Senior Fashion Writer

Before I started here at Lucky, I was a crafts editor (yes, that’s a thing!). It was my job to come up with the cute projects we’d photograph for the cover of the magazine where I worked. It was a crazy-fun job, and people sometimes had nice things to say about my creations, which was always wonderful. But whenever I’d receive a compliment, a little voice in my head would whisper, “You’re OK, but you’re no Lena Corwin.”

Lena is not only my good friend, but—and I say this with zero hyperbole—she’s the most talented crafter on the planet. Screen-printing, embroidery, sewing, crocheting, jewelry-making—Lena does it all flawlessly (she’s an amazing cook, too!). She also has a new book out, called Made by Hand, and it’s pure DIY perfection. Featuring a selection of Brooklyn’s coolest crafters, each chapter tackles a different project: Textile expert Caitlin Mociun explains how to batik-dye a beach towel, for example, and illustrators/designers Ilana Kohn and Emily Eibel walk readers through marbling a silk scarf. Not only is the book filled with clear instructions that won’t leave you in a puddle of embroidery thread, fabric scraps and tears, it’s also unbelievably gorgeous to look at. I plan on picking up a dozen copies to give to all my crafty friends, and then hosting a "crafternoon" so we can try a few of the projects together. I might not be as talented as Lena Corwin—but after reading Made by Hand, I’m one step closer!



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