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Lucky, duh

Let's start simple! Follow @LuckyMagazine for behind-the-scenes bits from the office, special deals and of course, fashion photos of all kinds.

Eva Chen, editor-in-chief
If you've never experienced shoe envy, get ready, because you're about to. Follow our EIC to get a glimpse into her beauty-obsessed and well-dressed life.
Alexis Bryan Morgan, executive fashion director
Whether they're on her feet or simply on her Instagram, we always want to steal Alexis' shoes! Follow her, but beware: you're going to be jealous.
Verena von Pfetten, executive digital editor
Do you like French bulldogs? Do you like style? Verena has both. In fact, she has two bulldogs and style to spare.
Anne Keane, fashion director
Anne always seems to be in the right place at the right time!
Elana Fishman, senior digital editor
Our awards show-obsessed senior digital editor rarely spends a night without bumping into somebody or going someplace way fancier than us.
John Jannuzzi, senior digital projects editor
If you like English bulldogs, New York City scenery and window shopping, you will not be disappointed.
Laurel Pantin, market editor
Laurel spends her days seeing what every designer out there has to offer. Her pics will give you a taste of what's coming this season, next season and even seasons after that. She's also not above photographing every cute animal in Manhattan.
Melissa Lum, accessories editor
Melissa's Instagram has the two things everyone needs daily: sweet puppy pics and your next must-have accessory.
Maura Lynch, senior beauty editor
Need beauty advice? Maura's your girl!
Noelle Sciacca, associate market editor
Get a sneak peak into the Lucky fashion closet with Noelle's hilarious pictures.
Megan O'Neill, associate beauty editor
The most stylish vintage lover at Lucky. You'll get amazing inspiration from her pics, we promise.
Jenna Gottlieb, senior fashion writer
For celebs, fashion and food, follow Jenna's Instagram. We can't get enough of it.
Lauren Edelstein, stylist

"Sequins and spandex" is an incredibly accurate description of Lauren. And it's also why she's so fun on Instagram.

Jayna Maleri, senior fashion writer

There's no shortage of fashion and puppies from Jayna.