Do You Think Macy's Should Stay Open On Thanksgiving Day?

Digital Writer

Fast forward to about a month from now, on Thanksgiving night. You've just downed two turkey breasts smothered in cranberry relish, mashed and sweet potatoes, double servings of stuffing and a heaping pile of apple crisp…à la mode. What to do next? Watch a heartwarming family movie on television as you drift off to sleep? Partake in some football-watching, perhaps? Or would you rather put on your coat, march out in the cold and go wrestle crowds at a nearby Macy's? Because that's an option now, too.

It's been confirmed by WWD that, for first time in its 155 years of existence, the department store will be opening 750 of its 800 locations at 8 pm on the fourth Thursday of November this year. Company execs reached this decision both after many of their customers voiced interest in getting a head start on Black Friday shopping, and as a move to keep up with any competitors (like Lord & Taylor) who remain open on the holiday. As of right now, I'm not quite sure how I feel about it.

There are two ways this could play out: on one hand, maybe the only people to take advantage of Macy's Thanksgiving hours will be extreme bargain hunters who learned their shopping techniques from Jingle All the Way. In that case, I feel pretty bad for the poor sales staff forced to referee fights over marked-down bedding sets and Cuisinarts instead of spending time with their families. But perhaps an additional window of time for picking up presents will be a good thing. By offering people extra time before Black Friday actually begins, Macy's might diffuse the sense of urgency before those 6 am doorbuster deals. Not to mention everyone will be hopped up on tryptophan from the turkey they just ate, so the T-Day night crowd might be kind of sleepy anyways. And if there's any kind of event that can benefit from natural sedatives, it has to be one that offers over-50-percent-off sales. Perhaps they should start handing out turkey sandwiches before the next Alexander Wang sample sale too, no?


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