M.I.A. Copies Counterfeit Clothes For Versus Versace

Digital Writer

Just as we reported last November, M.I.A. has indeed collaborated with Versace's contemporary label, Versus. Details were confirmed in WWD yesterday, along with information on the rapper's surprising source of inspiration: counterfeit goods. Rather than pay straight-up homage to the Italian brand by simply rehashing its signature gold emblems and flashy prints, she's manipulated those iconic motifs to mimic imitations sold on the street. “When I was contacted by Versace, it seemed a great idea to invert the circle," she explained to the trade paper. "Versace’s designs have always been copied, now it’s Versace that copies the copies, so those that copy must copy the copies. So this will continue."

The 19 final real (pretending to be fake, pretending to be real) products still stay true to Versace's bright and bold DNA, despite the slightly skewed prints and fonts. Of course, there's no predicting what knockoffs of these imitation knockoffs will look like, but we doubt they'll come close to the real thing. To see how just awesome the range really is, preview the campaign and select looks in the slideshow above. Then mark your calendars now for the collab's October 16 debut for first dibs on your favorites!


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