News Flash: We Literally Just Found This Year's Coolest Leather Jacket


Photo via Creatures of Comfort

Chic downtown outfitter Creatures of Comfort has just released the dreamiest piece of leather outerwear we've seen so far this season. Created in collaboration with both Edith A. Miller and Schott NYC, the "Perfecto" (as it's so aptly named) just hit the tippity-top of our holiday wish list. [Creatures of Comfort]

Ellen DeGeneres won Halloween the second she donned cups of fake cleavage and a blonde mermaid wig for her Nicki Minaj costume. In her own words: "This year I decided to go as something really scary—half-naked." [Us Weekly]

Take this Brad Pitt movie hair quiz and remind yourself, once again, how babe-worthy he somehow still manages to look in a mullet-goatee combo. [Vulture]

There's no harsher light of day than in the wee hours of November 1. While you await meticulously people-watching out your front window, devour these 12 horrifying Halloween walk of shame stories. One word: schadenfreude. [The Cut]

Target, just like the rest of us, fantasizes about a foreseeable future in which consumers are able to order everything—including groceries—online. To make that happen, the company is slowing its store openings to focus on internet development. [Racked]


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