New Flash: Drinkable Moisturizer Is a Thing


Since kids stopped carrying around egg shaped digital pet devices when the '90s ended, the Tamagotchi company has found new ways to connect with its audience. Nowaways, the brand has several social media pages, a Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. app and—starting in fall 2014—a clothing line. [WWD]

The anticipation right before Marc Jacobs' last Louis Vuitton show, both backstage and in the audience, captured on film. [Vimeo]

Unforgettable style moments (and important life lessons, like "you date the Dylan, you marry the Brandon") from the original Beverly Hills 90210. [Into the Gloss]

There's now a face moisturizer you can drink. But unfortunately, it doesn't come in chocolate, vanilla or strawberry flavor. [Telegraph]

How to get glowy skin with one humble lemon. [The Huffington Post]

Wes Anderson put an extreme amount of nit-picky planning into his cult hit The Royal Tenenbaums. So worth it, though. [Vulture]


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