WATCH: This Paul McCartney Music Video Will Leave You Starstruck

Digital Writer

The anticipation is over! After much ado in the blogosphere earlier this month, Paul McCartney has finally released his new "Queenie Eye" video featuring Kate Moss and Johnny Depp. I'll warn you, though: the two superstar exes don't interact at all or even appear in the same shot.

Really, what's most interesting about the clip is not the former flames reuniting, but all the other celebrities—both of the Hollywood and fashion-world variety—who appear alongside them. Filmed entirely in a recording studio as Sir James plays a baby grand, the video centers around some of the most famous people in the world (Tom Ford! Lily Cole! Meryl Streep!)  just hanging out and enjoying good music. And Kate Moss dancing in hot pants on a piano...yeah, it might be worth watching just for that.

Check it out below.


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