Who's Been Inspiring Jenna Lyons' Style?

Digital Writer

WWD (Steve Eichner and Tim Jenkins)

Jenna Lyons and Samantha Cameron

The next time you wake up, stand in front of your closet and think, "What would Jenna Lyons do?," Google a few pictures of Samantha Cameron before getting dressed. "[She's] beautiful and she seems effortless," the famous face of J.Crew recently told Vogue UK about the British Prime Minister's wife. "She isn't fussy and never overdresses. She's elegant in herself. Especially here, being in that world, where you're thrust in a very formalized way of dressing, she's found a nice niche for herself which must be challenging to do."

Of course, seeing as how Samantha's style skews pretty conservative, you might want to re-style all her outfits with a few punchy accessories for yourself. It is, after all, definitely what Jenna Lyons would do. (And a great excuse to go shopping at J.Crew.)


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