Is Cara Delevingne Currently Recording An Album? (We Have Photos That Could Prove It!)

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via Instagram/@caradelevingne

Perhaps this explains why Cara Delevingne spent this past Spring 2014 fashion month laying surprisingly low.

We've known the supermodel with the famous 'brows has had both a natural inkling and deep interest in music for quite some time, but is she actually serious about moving forward with those aspirations? According to her Instagram feed, it sure looks like it.

Yesterday, Delevingne gave her 3 million followers a glimpse inside a New York recording studio alongside Isabella "Machine" (as in Florence) Summers and songwriting legend Kuk Harrell—along with the caption, "The beginning." She's also holding a container of honey in one image, meaning she's most likely soothing a tired voice. Hm.

If Harrell is involved in this supposed album, that means it's going to be big; he was the main man behind Justin Bieber's Never Say Never, Rihanna's Loud and Beyoncé's I am… Sasha Fierce. And with Summers, we anticipate that Delevingne's sound could have a serious, moody edge, which, with those distinctive, raspy pipes of hers, could be quite exciting.

After all, Delevingne did confess her wandering career eye to W Magazine in August: "I want to make music, I want to act, I want to sing, I want to do something that doesn't make my skin erupt."

Let the speculation continue!

via Instagram/@caradelevingne


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