The First Official Divergent Trailer Is Upon Us—And It's Sexy!

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Diehard fans of YA fiction and/or Shailene Woodley (we're admittedly both of those things) have a new two minutes and 31 seconds over which to obsess.

The latest triology to sweep tweens and sci-fi readers off their feet, Divergent, just got its first official trailer, and it's everything we dreamed of and more. Thankfully for us fantasy addicts, the teaser seems to promise an adaptation that remains impressively close to the novel. The trailer focuses on Shailene Woodley's Tris Prior as its frail, questioning heroine and Theo James' Four as Tris' burly love interest—which is interesting considering that the majority of their Divergent relationship is based in somewhat benign sexual tension.

But to be fair, the trailer does an excellent job of teasing the movie's main plot points in an alluring, entertaining way: Set in post-apocalyptic Chicago, people are divided into five factions and are given the opportunity to jump ship to a new faction at age 16—very much an Amish Rumspringa situation. Tris Prior doesn't fit into any one faction, and boom, there's your conflict.

The book is a violent one, incorporating sizeable amounts of firearms, self-defense and even injections (we'll keep mum on that one for fear of spoilers), so we're interested in seeing how Summit Entertainment transitions that into something more family friendly.

You can catch Divergent when it premieres in theaters on March 21, but in the meantime, you'll find us here watching the below trailer!


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