Harley Viera-Newton's Collaboration With DVF Is Purrrfect

Digital Fashion News Writer

As honorary members of Instagram-Checkers Anonymous, we're embarrassingly familiar with DJ Harley Viera-Newton's pretty black feline, Marmite. Nicknamed "Mo," the tabby routinely finds her way into Viera-Newton's photographs—and it's about time Mo received a little formal recognition of her own.

Mo, your time has come! Last week, the style icon revealed her upcoming partnership with one of her personal favorite brands, Diane von Furstenberg, via Instagram, unveiling the eponymously-named Mo bag: a sweet leather clutch with a pale rose nose, ears and whiskers, alongside bejeweled eyes. The collection will also appropriately include matching headphones for those of us wishing to spice up our Beats.

Despite Mo's undeniable influence, cat accessories have never been so "in" as they are now, with abounding clothing and accessories featuring the delightfully playful insignia. Will you be buying the adorable Mo bag?


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