This Just In: H&M's Site Crashed Minutes After Its Isabel Marant Launch


Getty Images

Well, we definitely called this one.

Isabel Marant for H&M made its online debut at noon today—and just as we predicted yesterday, shoppers were met with an error message fairly immediately after logging on. As Francophile fashionistas hungrily await their slouchy tees, fringe booties and embellished jackets, they're being placed in a queue due to their "high level of interest in [their] latest collections." Groan.

Come on, H&M, shouldn't you have expected for a record-breaking amount of Isabel Marant-craving traffic, especially for a collaboration as absurdly hyped up as this one? In the meantime, you can get the Isabel Marant goods at H&M stores IRL on your lunch break if you're so inclined—those launched in-store at 8 am this morning.

UPDATE: The site now appears to be back up and running; however, the entire Isabel Marant collection seems to be sold out. So there you go.


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