Jennifer Lawrence Explains Her Recent ER Visit On David Letterman

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In case you've ever needed confirmation that Jennifer Lawrence does, in fact, have two older brothers, look no further than her most recent televised interview.

On last night's Late Show With David Letterman, the star of the hotly anticipated The Hunger Games: Catching Fire discussed the cause for having to cancel multiple morning show appearances last month: an ulcer, which turned out to be a "fulcer"—in her own words, that is.

J.Law, ever the frank talk show guest, described the "fulcer" symptoms in a candid way that didn't surprise us too much: "I just had this really bad pain for, like, three weeks," she told Letterman. "And, you know, you can only s--t your pants so many times a day before you go to the emergency room, before you're like, 'I need to go to the hospital.'"

The Oscar winner then went on to describe her recent "endoscopo-something" (read: endoscopy), after which she made her anesthesiologist promise to watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. So, there's that.

Lawrence arrived at the Ed Sullivan Theatre in New York last night wearing a gorgeous J. Mendel crop-top-and-skirt combo from the Spring 2014 collection—a trendy departure from the Dior parade in which we've been seeing her throughout the Catching Fire press circuit.

Watch her hilarious David Letterman appearance below!


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