Karl Lagerfeld's Latest Short Film For Chanel Is An Ode To '50s-Era America

Digital Fashion News Writer

Olivier Saillant/WWD

Here's a major fashion factoid for you: had high-end department store Neiman Marcus not rediscovered Chanel in the mid-1950s, it's probable the luxury brand would have ceased to exist—and a world without Chanel would have been a dreary one indeed.

That's why Karl Lagerfeld's latest cinematic effort, titled The Return, serves as an enormous, big-budget thank you to the Dallas-based retailer. Set to accompany Chanel's Métiers d'Art show in none other than Dallas on Tuesday, December 10, 2013, The Return tells the story of Coco Chanel's (played by Geraldine Chaplin) 1954 comeback collection that was, well, not exactly a comeback: the collection was rejected by many, with the exception of (you guessed it) Neiman Marcus. The 30-minute film is shot in a replica of Chanel's flagship Rue Cambon studio, filled to the brim with a large cast of professional actors, models and members of the Kaiser's entourage, including several of Lagerfeld's top seamstresses.

"It's America who rediscovered [Chanel], so this is a thank you," Lagerfeld said. "Without America, she would have closed the entire operation." Which explains why in this particular case, a handwritten thank you note just wouldn't have cut it.

You can catch The Return when it debuts at 7:30 pm EST on Chanel.com.


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