News Flash: Here's What Four $10 Million "Fantasy Bras" Look Like


Victoria's Secret

If you were suddenly bestowed $10 million to use solely for creating your own bra, what would you do with it?

In honor of tonight's incredibly anticipated Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, the folks at The Cut asked four lingerie designers—with expensive tastes, we might add—to craft their own imaginary versions of the event's annual "Fantasy Bra." [The Cut]

Though we Lucky editors are slightly H&M'ed out today, that doesn't mean we can't thank them endlessly for their just-released David Beckham Christmas bodywear campaign images. Hear that? Bodywear. [Grazia]

Here's why we all need to be taking fall fashion advice from this unbelievably awesome frat boy: "Earthy tones: Can't go wrong with Mama Earth's natural beauty, or even plaid. Extra points if you can incorporate burgundy." [Jezebel]

Here's how much the most expensive piece of art was auctioned for today at Christie's in New York City. [CNN]

Did you know that Claire and Leo filmed that entire pool scene in Baz Luhrmann's 1996 Romeo + Juliet in freezing cold water? Lest their cheeks turn red, obviously! [Into The Gloss]

You may have been able to tell that we're very excited for Disney's upcoming Sleeping Beauty update, Maleficent. Just watch the brand new trailer, and you'll understand why. [YouTube]


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