News Flash: Christie Brinkley Is Apparently A Very Avid Wig Enthusiast


Christie Brinkley, who began wearing wigs when she played Roxie Hart on Broadway in 2012, is now partnering with Hair2Wear on a line of wigs and hairpieces.

Well, that's a sentence we never thought we'd read. [The Cut]

Back when she was still Victoria Adams, Victoria Beckham got hitched in a teeny-tiny princess crown that has since joined '90s lore. That crown is now for sale for a reasonable £18,000-£25,000 ($29,000-$40,000). [Grazia]

Scandal's renowned costume designer Lyn Paolo—the lady behind Olivia Pope White—doesn't want to have her own fashion line. Here's why. [Fashionista]

The headline of this story is, "Watch Jennifer Lawrence Blow Up A Microwave In American Hustle." Okay, we're sold! [Jezebel]

Favorite handbag label of downtown dames everywhere, Reece Hudson, launched their first ever beauty collaboration with RGB today: two limited edition nail colors (which are based on the hardware colors in Hudson's Fall 2013 collection), Green Gold and Rose Gold. [RGB Cosmetics]


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