News Flash: Bros Dislike When Women Wear Beanies, Lipstick and Wedge Sneakers


Have a boyfriend? Want to fend off those ex-frat state school boys? Love your Isabel Marant heeled sneaks?

Here's a detailed guide on how to deflect all that unwanted attention from "basic bros," based on the guy-repelling goodness that started way back when. [The Cut]

Target redesigned its website just in time for Black Friday festivities, but—spoiler—it's not really the greatest. [Jezebel]

Frank Bruni found Courtney Love's cell phone in a New York taxi, the odds of which are 0.00044 percent. We like those odds! [New York Magazine]

Ciaté made a nail polish advent calendar full of 24 days worth of polish, which is maybe the most inventive and tempting concept ever. [Byrdie]

And Biotherm's newest face is... (Hint: she just got herself a cute lil' fiancé!) [WWD]


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