News Flash: Lady Gaga Gloriously Passes For Donatella In Her New Versace Ad


Not only does Lady Gaga's new Versace campaign get its own hashtag (#VersaceLovesGaga), but she also gets to mimic the Italian fashion house's chief designer and style icon.

We've had our suspicions for several weeks now, but the news is official and couldn't be more fitting. [The Huffington Post]

Put your gnomes away, people: Mulberry is still on the hunt for a new creative director after Emma Hill left in September, and as a result, won't be showing at London Fashion Week in February. [NY Daily News]

In industry rumor news, could J.Crew really be for sale? [Refinery 29]

Women in ill-fitting suits with their faces defeatedly head-first on their laptop keyboards? Oh, you know, just another day in stock photography feminism. [The Cut]

This preteen photo of Jennifer Lawrence surfaced on Reddit yesterday, confirming: 1) Her hair has always been amazing, 2) She was absolutely the prettiest girl of anyone in middle school ever and 3) "She hasn't changed much since." [Jezebel]


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