News Flash: You Could Buy Brigitte Bardot's Old Parisian Apartment For A Cool $8.2 Million

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The Cut

Not only are Brigitte Bardot's onetime Parisian digs exactly what you would expect them to be (read: candy-pink paint, ornate walls), but they're also on the market for a cool $8.2 million. The apartment also comes with something called an "American bar" on the top floor. Sold! [The Cut]

In which Interview digs up their original girl-power-filled 1998 interview with the Spice Girls: "There's nothing like hanging out with your girlfriends. We're literally a girl gang." [Interview]

Sarah Jessica Parker—perhaps in this case better known as @SJP—has officially entered the Twittersphere. Her icon is her icy blue eyeball, and we swear she's still gawking at us through the screen. [E! Online]

All 12 dreamy seconds of Lana Del Rey's forthcoming short film Tropico are so jam packed with unexplainable elements that we're not even going to try to describe it for you. Just watch. [Rolling Stone]

Can you guess how many custom Tom Ford pieces the designer created exclusively for Justin Timberlake's 20/20 World Experience Tour? Three digits, people. [Fashionista]

The Wall Street Journal's November 2013 cover—which features Daft Punk and Gisele Bündchen—looks oddly familar. Is anyone else seeing double? [Styleite]


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